A simple way to flesh out
your ideas.

Pengloo is an online tool that helps you write well thought out
and useful design documents, product specs, outlines
and other important living documents.

What can you do with it?

Pengloo allows you to write down your ideas, structure
them in an intuitive way, share them with your friends and
colleagues, improve them over time and break them
down into smaller, more manageable units.

Why use it?

Creativity Boost

Writing helps clear your mind, remember and visualize your ideas, understand how they fit together and thereby creates fertile ground for new ideas and insights.

Complete Overview

Structuring and organizing provide a great overview of your ideas, allow you to easily find them and improve your ability to make informed decisions.

Focused Teamwork

Share your ideas with teammates to get feedback, generate new ideas and to keep everyone on the same page about what you are doing and why you are doing it.


Save Time and Money

By spending more time in ideation phase and solving the biggest problems early on, you not only save money, but also your time and energy.

Who is it for?


For game design, product design and any other design field that relies heavily on ideation.


Very useful for organizing all the information you need to learn and creating outlines for your assignments.


Great for any creative person that has hundreds of ideas and wants to organize them in an intuitive way.

What to create with it?

Design Documents

All essential information about your game, mobile app or product in one place.


Lay out the master plan before getting dirty with the details.

Business Plans

Coordinate the many moving parts of your established business or startup.

Living Documents

Ideal for documents that need to be regularly updated.

"This is not about random ideas. It is about that one idea you
are super passionate about, the idea you want to explore
the most and if at all possible turn it into reality."

- Pengloo Team