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Tagging system

If you want to use standard tags that you are used to and love, you can recreate a standard tagging system with the help of relations.


Step 1: Folder for tags

  1. Create new unit.
  2. Name it "Tags".

This unit will act as the folder for your tags.


Step 2: Relation for tags

  1. Go to Relations.
  2. Create new relation.
  3. Name it "Tagging".
  4. Under Side A enter "Tagged units".
  5. Under Side B enter "Tags".

This relation will be how you add "tags" to units.


Step 3: Decide on tag syntax

You can write your tags any way you like, but I recommend you use the following syntax:

  • Tags start with hashtag (#).
  • Tags are written in lowercase.
  • Words are connected with hyphen (-).


  • #banana-pancakes-awesome
  • #this-is-a-tag


Step 4: Create tags

  1. Create new unit.
  2. Name it using the tag syntax you decided on.
  3. Choose "Tags" as its parent unit.

Repeat for other tags.


Step 5: Add tag to unit

  1. Add a relation to unit.
  2. Choose Tagging as the relation.
  3. Put tagged unit on Side A.
  4. Put tag on Side B.


This is it! Now you have your own standard tagging system :)

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