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Assign user

Although Pengloo is not for project management, sometimes you still want to assign someone to a unit or just make it easier for yourself to find units that you care about.


Step 1: Folder for users

  1. Create new unit.
  2. Name it "Users".

This unit will act as the folder for your users.


Step 2: Relation for users

  1. Go to Relations.
  2. Create new relation.
  3. Name it "User assignment".
  4. Under Side A enter "Assigned users".
  5. Under Side B enter "Assigned to".

This relation is how you will assign units to people. You can use different language as "interested". I specifically did not want to use the word "assign" as it sounds to project managementy to me.


Step 3: Decide on user syntax

You can name your users any way you like, but I recommend you use the following syntax:

  • Users start with at sign (@).
  • Users are written in lowercase.
  • Words are connected with hyphen (-).


  • @jimmy
  • @steven-the-brave


Step 4: Assign unit

  1. Add a relation to unit.
  2. Choose User assignment as the relation.
  3. Put user on Side A.
  4. Put assigned unit on Side B.


And this is how you "hack" together assigning users in Pengloo.

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